Improve your processes and productivity while innovating to meet your digital transformation goals

Materialize your digital transformation with process automation

Promote the performance of your teams with OMNITRACKER IT Service Management (ITSM)

Become an industry leader with the process automation platform for small, medium and large businesses

The foundations of our company
  • Offer secure and tailor-made solutions for organizations
  • Make our team of experts available to customers and listen to their needs
  • Be an added value for the customer throughout their journey towards the digital transformation of their organization
  • Act with creativity and innovation in all our actions
Benefits to your organization
  • Increase customer satisfaction through more efficient management of your operations
  • Facilitate the integration of new resources
  • Optimize your knowledge base management
  • Save time by managing your processes more efficiently

Our solutions

Secure and tailor-made solutions for your organization and in response to your needs.
Facilitate and maximize the management of business operations and services
Maintain your organization’s knowledge management
Enable better management of personnel and counter labour shortage through automation of your processes
Maintain control over your operations (business intelligence (BI)) – dashboard

Our services

Our team of ITSM and process automation experts support you in order to facilitate the transition to integrated and efficient tools, while promoting support for all implementation stages; from the definition of the need to its operationalization, including its optimization.
Technology Roadmap

. Identification of key technological projects that must be implemented so that your organization can reach its digital target in the short, medium and long term.
. Maturity of IT processes (ITIL framework)

Project Leadership

. Technological project recovery and diagnosis
. Management of technology programmes and projects

Change Management

. Planning and carrying out training and adoption activities;
. Identification of key messages and development of a communication plan;
. Resistance management and stakeholder engagement;

Business process optimization and automation

. Mapping end-to-end “as-is” processes (BPMN 2.0)
. Gap analysis and proposed solutions
. Mapping end-to-end “to-be” processes (BPMN 2.0)
. Enterprise Process Automation (OMNITRACKER)

Implementation of technological solutions


Using an implementation methodology that maximizes the success of technological change

Planning ⋅ Diagnosis ⋅ Optimization ⋅ Architecture ⋅ Design ⋅ Automation ⋅ Continuous improvement ⋅ Support

Dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs)

. Support and implementation of business management dashboards and key performance indicators.

Increase efficiency with the OMNITRACKER all-in-one process platform

Perfect, industry-independent all-in-one software solution for all business processes with organic interfaces and comprehensive data integration capabilities. A solution to facilitate your operations!


Everything you need for business processes

Our approach

The principles supporting our approach
(based on Agile and LEAN values)
  • A collaborative, human-centred approach aimed to maximizing individual and collective engagement.
  • A list of needs based on priorities and business value;
  • Continuous validation of the shared vision. Maintain focus and alignment;
  • Customer satisfaction with value-added deliveries quickly and regularly.
  • Seeking simplicity and efficiency – minimizing the amount of unnecessary work and finding ways to be more productive;
  • Value for money (the right resources at the right time);
  • Simplicity of change management and customer buy-in;
  • Change management and stakeholder buy-in to solution implementation activities.
  • Inclusive planning and monitoring.

Who are we

In support of the organizations’ digital transformation, OmniSolution offers innovative solutions in enterprise service management (ESM), IT service management (ITSM) and process automation. Its solutions are adapted to the context of organizations and offered in all operating modes such as on premises, private hosting or cloud-based (SaaS), and deployed on a variety of infrastructure services, including Microsoft Azure.

OmniSolution offers its clients a personalized approach provided by a team of experienced, dynamic and innovative experts who are seeking market trends and best practices. Our skilled team also owns several certifications such as PMP, ITIL and CISA, as well as extensive experience on enterprise management business solutions like ERP, CRM, ESM, ITSM and business intelligence (BI).

Our team

A multidisciplinary team of qualified and certified experts with certifications such as ITIL, PMP, CISA, BPMN, meeting your needs (Solution Architect, Project Manager, Database Administrator, Cloud Technology Architect, Security Architect, LEAN Expert Advisor, ITIL Expert Advisor and BPMN Process Expert Advisor). A dynamic, innovative team that is on the lookout for market trends and best practices. A team that listens to the needs of our clients, offering innovative solutions adapted to the context of organizations.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to implement digital solutions in a variety of organizational contexts and business areas.