Our team

A multidisciplinary teamof qualified and certified experts with certifications such as ITIL, PMP, CISA, BPMN, meeting your needs. (Solution Architect, Project Manager, Database Administrator, Cloud Technology Architect, Security Architect, LEAN Expert Advisor, ITIL Expert Advisor and BPMN Process Expert Advisor). A dynamic, innovative team that is on the lookout for market trends and best practices. A team that listens to the needs of our clients, offering innovative solutions adapted to the context of organizations.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to implement digital solutions in a variety of organizational contexts and business areas.

Amina Benzina

Governance Leader

When Amina Benzina created ABna in 2008, she is dedicated to offer services differently. Her winning business approach is based upon competence, transparency, integrity and honesty. With several years of experience in management and consulting, Amina wishes that her team distinguishes itself by continuous self-achievement and surpassing clients and partners’ expectations in terms of quality, expertise and availability.

Known for her passionate entrepreneurship and unshakeable calmness, she will always tell you that there is no problem without its solution! She continuously tries to create peace and harmony around her, however it is often in nature with a good read or plunged into culinary creation where Amina finds her balance.

Amina Benzina

Philippe Lahaie

Delivery Team Leader (in partnership)

Philippe Lahaie is responsible for the delivery team for the Omnisolution division. Mr. Lahaie has over 22 years of experience in information systems management, financial and operational data structure, and cost management. He holds an MBA in Information Technology from Université Laval and a BA in Accounting from UQTR. He is also a member of the CPA order (CPA, CMA) and holds the CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) certification.

He has developed a strong expertise in the management of multidisciplinary teams, the implementation of structures and tools to support the management of an IT service, the selection, implementation and integration of ERP solutions, the architecture and design of management solutions, as well as the negotiation of technology contracts. Customer satisfaction being at the heart of its concerns, he ensures to provide quality solutions adapted to the reality of organizations.


Simon Tanguay

Business Development and Project Portfolio Manager

Simon Tanguay is responsible for business development and project portfolio management for the Omnisolution division. With over seventeen (17) years of experience in project management, continuous improvement and organizational performance management, Simon led various multidisciplinary project teams and completed several large and structuring projects for the organizations.
His project experiences in many private sector and public administration brings Simon an excellent skill set of the organizational environment, operations and issues related to these types of organizations, at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.


Pierre Jutras

Strategic Advisor

Pierre Jutras is a strategic advisor for the Omnisolution division. Mr. Jutras has over thirty (30) years of IT and business experience. Mr. Jutras has held several management roles in his career (Senior Director, Strategic Advisor, Executive Director and Vice-President) in large organizations. Mr. Jutras has been actively involved in the implementation and deployment of software solutions in various private companies. Finally, Mr. Jutras developed several development strategies for the acquisition of numerous Canadian customers and set up a team of more than 30 people to deploy and support software solutions in collaboration with major solution providers in the industry.

Pierre Jutras

Benoit Tessier

Senior Solution Architect and ITIL Process Expert

Benoit Tessier is the Senior Solution Architect and ITIL Process Expert for the Omnisolution Division. Mr. Tessier is ITILv4 certified and has over 25 years of experience in IT service management in the roles of Analyst, Architect and IT Director. Mr. Tessier has been involved in many ITSM solutions projects and understands the issues associated with these types of projects very well. Mr. Tessier pays particular attention to customer satisfaction and has strong communication skills. He’s a very good communicator.


Serge Veilleux

Process Optimization Specialist

Serge Veilleux is the Process Optimization Specialist for the Omnisolution division. Mr. Veilleux has a B.A. in Industrial Engineering (1996), a Lean Black belt certification, and nearly twenty-five years of expertise in resources and project management, continuous improvement, work organization and quality assurance. An industrial engineer by training, he is effective at creating and optimizing processes in various areas of the organization and in various fields using concepts from the Lean and Six Sigma approach. Throughout his career, Mr. Veilleux has held key positions in manufacturing companies and major government organizations. In recent months, Mr. Veilleux has developed a particular interest in distance training for managers, work teams and problem solving. Mr. Veilleux stands out for his integrity, his ability to work as a team and his innovative vision of doing things.


Waddhah Mhamdi

ITIL Process Analyst

Waddhah Mhamdi is an ITIL Process Analyst and Advisor for the Omnisolution division. Mr. Mhamdi holds a BA in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Operational Research. He is also ITILv3 and BPMN2.0 certified and has extensive knowledge in probability and statistics, quantitative analysis, problem solving and programming. He has also developed a particular interest in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Mr. Mhamdi stands out for his integrity, teamwork and curiosity.

Pierre Moreau

ITIL Process Analyst

Pierre Moreau is an ITIL Process Analyst and Advisor for the Omnisolution division. Mr. Moreau holds a BSc in Mathematics and a degree in Industrial Engineering – Value-Added Production Orientation from Polytechnique Montréal. Mr. Moreau is currently involved in a major project to deploy the ITIL processes and the implementation of the Omnitracker solution at one of our customers. He has a strong analytical mind in addition to being creative and resourceful.